The World’s False Perceptions of Nagorno-Karabakh


The World’s False Perceptions of Nagorno-Karabakh

Many people make rather large mistakes when they talk about the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. There are those who do it purposefully, and those who are unaware of the truth and believe the false information presented to them.

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The Oath of Mustafa Dzhemilev

mustafa aga

The Oath of Mustafa Dzhemilev

We were pushed onto freight trains like cattle, without even the time to get dressed. Many of us were still in our pajamas. The train rolled along for days on end. Of course, we were given no water and my young sister was suffering from thirst. My mother sliced a vein open on her wrist, and brought it up to the lips of my sister… who drank my mother’s blood instead of water. Oxumağa davam et

The protest song

musica protesta

The protest song

(Etiraz şərqisi)

Nueva canción (“new song” in Spanish) is a social movement and musical genre in Iberian America and the Iberian Peninsula, characterized by folk-inspired styles and socially committed lyrics. Nueva canción surfaced almost simultaneously during the 1960s in Argentina, Chile and Spain. Nueva canción is widely recognized to have played a profound role in the social upheavals in Portugal, Spain and Latin America during the 1970s and 1980s. Oxumağa davam et

My books / Mina böcker  

My books / Mina böcker  

Книга Бейсбол на шахматной доске

 Playing Baseball On The Chessboard

…Democracy is a space of harmonic behaviour for those who are in mutual relations and communication. This space loves tenderness and any cruelty is alien to it. Democracy is such a structure that allows everybody a place and a role: Like a clock-bell it is a product of interaction of every piece interconnected with each other. It is a result of “everybody’s labour” and it is not the church-bell which tolls by the movement of one person’s hand.  The difficulty of democracy is in its need to convince people. To convince is in the essence of democracy. To make people to believe is much difficult than to deceive them. And because of this that an authoritarian rule is always easier than a democratic one.

Chamayra. Cuban note-book / Chamayra. Anteckningar om Kuba

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Genocide – a modern political game

genosid 2

Genocide – a modern political game

From article“Playing Baseball On The Chessboard: Thoughts About Genocide

By Vahid Qazi

On 4 March 2010, the International Relations Committee of the US Congress House of Representatives passed a resolution to officially recognize the policy of the Ottoman Empire in 1915 towards Armenians as ‘genocide’. Despite all the efforts of Turkey, the US Congress took this step. The process may be suspended at the next stage, but this will hardly change anything. What Zbigniew Brzezinski described as the ‘chess game’ of politics has long been under way. Oxumağa davam et

I am a witness

xocali boy

I am a witness

From article “Playing Baseball On The Chessboard: Thoughts About Genocide

By Vahid Qazi

My eyes seemed to be looking inside me, at my recollections. I was going inside myself. I felt as if I was moving through the jungle, clearing, tramping and breaking my own way and reliving the memories as horror enveloped my face like a spider’s web… Oxumağa davam et

Notebook about Cuba

Camayra rus

Notebook about Cuba

I’ve always felt an admiration for the ability of talented publicists to recall real life facts to support their stories. In my case, I always use a fictional “doping” in my literary works. It kind of feels like a high jumping race, in order to overcome a terrestrial gravitation one athlete relies on the strength of his feet, while the other one uses performance enhancers.

When I read Vahid Gazi’s notebook about Cuba, I couldn’t help but feel the same sense of admiration towards him, not only does he describe his adventures in the island of freedom, but he also talks about the real people, their lives and their problems regarding the general political oppressiveness in the country. He speaks of it with such a strong literary ability that he himself becomes a hero of this narrative. Therefore, readers can easily replicate the author’s thoughts and feelings, for instance, when the author refuses the sexual service of breathtaking woman called Chamayra they consider it as their own ethic victory. This is not the only one; many similar emotional episodes can be used as an example. But I’m not going to go into details, because the main thing is, that this book is the wonderful model of literary prose.

Even though Azerbaijan gained its independence twenty years ago it’s so called democratic government has it’s own non-democratic ways of controlling country. it is very interesting that in spite of the anti-democratic ways of the government , the younger generation openly expresses their opposition to the any forms of monarchy. My generation, on the other hand, the generation of sixties that grew up in a country similar to Cuba, takes it easy when hearing about people’s limitation of freedom in any corner of the world.

The social-political convictions of the author of “Chamayra” come to the surface in every sentence; his belief is so genuine that you believe in it unquestionably. It is quite possible when you turn into the participant of the events in the book, for it happened to me. And an ultimate consequence.

The notebook about Cuba is extremely rich with interesting facts. Even though, I have been in Cuba and I have read a lot about this country, I also learned many new things about Cuba from Vahid Gazi’s book. It’s really pleasant to see that publicists in our country are able to create the best samples in their field. Vahid Gazi’s notebook about Cuba is a prominent example for it.

Rustam Ibragimbekov, cinematographer


Irena gozel


By Vahid Gazi

On September 12, 1998, when opposition activists’ “Freedom!” chanting in the streets of Baku overwhelmed fearsome noises of the police, I was assuredly telling her that liberation nature of our soul has not broken, yet.Irena mikrafon

Knowing that main events will take place there, I had parked my car in front of the National Bank’s old building.

The crowd was like a sea wave; it was moving back and forth. We were getting into car during police stormed, and when a wave of protesters was moving forward we were taking photos from the tops of cars. Unfortunately, now I don’t have any of those photos, otherwise I would have posted them, which would be appropriate. Oxumağa davam et

To Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Azerbaijan

To Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Azerbaijan

 His Excellency Vasiliy Istratov!

His Excellency ambassador!

For a long time I thought above that whom to address this brief letter: whether to my friends in Russia, or to public figures living there and worthy every respect and maybe to Russian statesmen? Eventually, I had set my choice on you. It would not be inappropriate to address you, as to quite active ambassador representing the huge state in Azerbaijan.

Unfortunately, my police does not give me an opportunity to read this letter before your embassy and officially to hand it over to you. And so, I am compelled to address you through press. I am not a government official and nor diplomat. And I shall state my thoughts without embellishment, frankly and directly.

His Excellency ambassador! From last week all of us – true Caucasians are anxious. The state represented by you, has conceived to occupy Caucasus anew. Capture of the lands of Georgia disturbs me as an Azerbaijani, because I also have such a “wounded” land as Karabakh. And as a Caucasian this occupation offends my pride.  Oxumağa davam et