My books / Mina böcker  

My books / Mina böcker  

Книга Бейсбол на шахматной доске

 Playing Baseball On The Chessboard

…Democracy is a space of harmonic behaviour for those who are in mutual relations and communication. This space loves tenderness and any cruelty is alien to it. Democracy is such a structure that allows everybody a place and a role: Like a clock-bell it is a product of interaction of every piece interconnected with each other. It is a result of “everybody’s labour” and it is not the church-bell which tolls by the movement of one person’s hand.  The difficulty of democracy is in its need to convince people. To convince is in the essence of democracy. To make people to believe is much difficult than to deceive them. And because of this that an authoritarian rule is always easier than a democratic one.

Chamayra. Cuban note-book / Chamayra. Anteckningar om Kuba

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