Baseball på Schackbrädan. Tankar om Genosid


Massgraven (Guba, Azerbaijan)

Baseball på Schackbrädan

Tankar om Genosid

Min tioårige son gav mig en raket med tjock spolformade kropp, spetsig nos och stora fenor som han hade gjort av papper i skolan och gratulerade mig med dagen 23 Februari (vilket firades som alla mäns dag i hemlandet eftersom det var Arméns dag i Sovjet Unionen). På raketen hade han målat azerbajdzjanska flaggan och de långa trapporna till raketen berättade om att det var en gigantisk farkost. Den var lik den sovjetiska långdistansraketen SS-20. När den jävla grejen som tillverkas av uran läggs till kallas den en atombomb. Oxumağa davam et

I am a witness

xocali boy

I am a witness

From article “Playing Baseball On The Chessboard: Thoughts About Genocide

By Vahid Qazi

My eyes seemed to be looking inside me, at my recollections. I was going inside myself. I felt as if I was moving through the jungle, clearing, tramping and breaking my own way and reliving the memories as horror enveloped my face like a spider’s web… Oxumağa davam et

Thoughts About Genocide


The mass grave (Guba, Azerbaijan)

Playing Baseball On The Chessboard

Thoughts About Genocide

  By Vahid Qazi

My 10-year-old son congratulated me on 23 February, what’s known as ‘Men’s Day’, and gave me a ‘cruise missile’ he had made out of paper in school. The side of the missile was decorated with an Azerbaijani flag, and had a long staircase at the bottom. It resembled the Soviet long-range missile SS-20. When uranium is added to it, the missile can become a nuclear bomb.

Although I accepted the present, I told my son that 23 February marked the establishment of the Soviet Army which put an end to Azerbaijan’s independence in 1920, committed a massacre in Baku in January 1990, and helped the Armenians occupy Karabakh. In other words, the day marks the establishment of an army that was alien and hostile towards Azerbaijan. I asked my son to object to his teacher on my behalf over this long forgotten ‘holiday’.

Then I asked why had he decided to make a missile. Here is our conversation verbatim. Oxumağa davam et