Irena gozel


By Vahid Gazi

On September 12, 1998, when opposition activists’ “Freedom!” chanting in the streets of Baku overwhelmed fearsome noises of the police, I was assuredly telling her that liberation nature of our soul has not broken, yet.Irena mikrafon

Knowing that main events will take place there, I had parked my car in front of the National Bank’s old building.

The crowd was like a sea wave; it was moving back and forth. We were getting into car during police stormed, and when a wave of protesters was moving forward we were taking photos from the tops of cars. Unfortunately, now I don’t have any of those photos, otherwise I would have posted them, which would be appropriate. Oxumağa davam et

To Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Azerbaijan

To Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Azerbaijan

 His Excellency Vasiliy Istratov!

His Excellency ambassador!

For a long time I thought above that whom to address this brief letter: whether to my friends in Russia, or to public figures living there and worthy every respect and maybe to Russian statesmen? Eventually, I had set my choice on you. It would not be inappropriate to address you, as to quite active ambassador representing the huge state in Azerbaijan.

Unfortunately, my police does not give me an opportunity to read this letter before your embassy and officially to hand it over to you. And so, I am compelled to address you through press. I am not a government official and nor diplomat. And I shall state my thoughts without embellishment, frankly and directly.

His Excellency ambassador! From last week all of us – true Caucasians are anxious. The state represented by you, has conceived to occupy Caucasus anew. Capture of the lands of Georgia disturbs me as an Azerbaijani, because I also have such a “wounded” land as Karabakh. And as a Caucasian this occupation offends my pride.  Oxumağa davam et

Thoughts About Genocide


The mass grave (Guba, Azerbaijan)

Playing Baseball On The Chessboard

Thoughts About Genocide

  By Vahid Qazi

My 10-year-old son congratulated me on 23 February, what’s known as ‘Men’s Day’, and gave me a ‘cruise missile’ he had made out of paper in school. The side of the missile was decorated with an Azerbaijani flag, and had a long staircase at the bottom. It resembled the Soviet long-range missile SS-20. When uranium is added to it, the missile can become a nuclear bomb.

Although I accepted the present, I told my son that 23 February marked the establishment of the Soviet Army which put an end to Azerbaijan’s independence in 1920, committed a massacre in Baku in January 1990, and helped the Armenians occupy Karabakh. In other words, the day marks the establishment of an army that was alien and hostile towards Azerbaijan. I asked my son to object to his teacher on my behalf over this long forgotten ‘holiday’.

Then I asked why had he decided to make a missile. Here is our conversation verbatim. Oxumağa davam et

Near, far Belarus

Near, far Belarus

 Vahid Gazi

I thought of possessing enough information about Belarus because of living for a long period of time at the same ideological-political sphere. But my impressions on Belarusian state and people which I felt during by last visit to Belarus will not let me alone for a certain period. As it turned out, a number of books read by me, films watched by me, storied heard by me and short-dated visits to this space as if served to concealing the real truth about this nation. I am familiar with the fact of the HISTORY being incapable in front of the policy at the sample of our nation’s fate but of course I could not even imagine how historical truth of politicized ideology could turn into humble slave… Oxumağa davam et

Mission is not completed yet

Mission is not completed yet

 Vahid Gazi 

18th meting of the Centers for Pluralism will take place in Baku in a few days. Just the persons organizing this measure could know how it is difficult and responsible to organize such a measure. Because we have to meet our old friends. We wish to conduct this measure better than 9th Meeting being held in  Baku in 1997. The Meeting which is of great significance made us to be prepared for a great sense of responsibility. Because we will celebrate at this Meeting 10th anniversary of the Network. Oxumağa davam et